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Weather/ Climate

The weather at Villa Migelita is cool year round. We have no need for air conditioning as the temperature is always perfect. It is in the low 60’s at night and the mid 70’s during the day.
We suggest our guests bring light jackets and warm PJ’s to sleep in as it can be quite chilly in the evenings and early mornings.
The temperature in Cali, Buga, and Palmira is hot. The temperatures in the summer average in the mid 80’s during the day.
When it rains a light jacket or long sleeves for comfort in the city.
What to wear when visiting Villa Migelita:
We suggest blue jeans, t-shirts light jackets, and lightweight long sleeve shirts. Sneakers, boots for hiking and flip flops for casual wear. Swim suits, and your favorite baseball cap will come in handy. Pajamas should be warm as the rooms get chilly at night.
Villa Migelita rarely sees a mosquito but on hikes they can be around, also No See Um’s. Bring sunscreen and repellent for hikes and horseback riding.
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